Stuffed Strawberries

By: Laura McMullin

This recipe is so easy to make and tastes GREAT! I made this for my family dinner shower and everyone absolutely loved them.

Strawberry Chill Cake

By: Sarah

Very simple. Simple enough to make with my two young kids.

Strawberry Cake and Frosting

By: Krista

This cake was so moist and delicious!

Strawberry Coffee Cake

By: Sue Walker

Wonderful white coffee cake is topped with fresh strawberry and crumb topping.

Strawberry Trifle

By: Ginah L

There are just not enough words to describe how delicious and absolutely FABULOUS this dessert is !! It's so light & creamy and all the flavors just blend together perfectly.

Strawberry Pie


This is my favorite pie. It is very easy to make. I got the recipe many years ago in North Jersey. It is from the Sussex County Strawberry Farms.

Strawberry Angel Food

By: Mama Leigh

This recipe was great on short notice, everyone loved it.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

By: Sara

These were an excellent, easy and elegant dessert that we really loved.

Strawberry Small Cake

By: Li Lac

Best ever Strawberry shortcake Recipe! Anyone who is the slightest bit interested in eating shortcake, had better eat this CAKE!!


Cream Cheese and Parmesan Bread Spread

By: Mark S

This is a great spread for bread or crackers. It goes particularly well spread on bread with any pasta meal. Serve with sliced French bread or any other bread you like.

Fruity Cream Cheese Spread

By: Mary

This spread is easy to make, and is great for parties. Serve with bagels or ginger snaps.

Coconut Shrimp

By: Sara Buendia

These shrimp were easy to make and better than the ones at a very exclusive restaurant my husband and I frequent. They were also a hit with my kids. Excellent recipe!

Basic Meatballs

By: Michelly

This recipe turned out great - So versatile and easy to make and also yummy!

Italian Parmesan Meatballs

By: Julie

Super easy to make with simple ingredients and they taste awesome!

Simple Beef Meatballs

By: David P

Really simple and tasty meatballs.

Healthy Pineapple Meatballs

By: Patti G.

One of my favorite dinners to make.My husband loves this meal!

Moroccan Chicken Meatballs

By: Katana

These meatballs were great! Absolutely loved the cumin and paprika in these meatballs.

Turkey Meatballs

By: Bergy

Quick, easy light flavor. I enjoy these with a green salad.

Meatball Sub Casserole

By: Vicky

This was easy to put together and I really enjoyed the flavor.

Baked Italian Meatballs

By: P Turcios

My teens loved them and said best meatballs I have ever made.

Chicken Meatballs For Spaghetti

By: Julia A.

These were a total hit. Delish!

Vegetarian Meatballs

By: Jasmine M

Honestly, these are the best meatballs I have ever made.

Vegetarian White Bean Chili

By: Shelly

Creamy Vegetarian White Chili recipe that is cozy and filling (with vegan option). Ideal for healthy weeknight meals or chilly afternoons.

Easy Chicken & Rice Dish

By: Nasseh

I have been making this simple dish for years. It only contains 2 main ingredients but it is full of flavor.