Category: Cake Recipes

Buttermilk Strawberry Shortcake

By: Siobain

Tastyyyy! This was a perfect way to end a good meal.

Strawberry Chill Cake

By: Sarah

Very simple. Simple enough to make with my two young kids.

Strawberry Cake and Frosting

By: Krista

This cake was so moist and delicious!

Strawberry Coffee Cake

By: Sue Walker

Wonderful white coffee cake is topped with fresh strawberry and crumb topping.

Strawberry Small Cake

By: Li Lac

Best ever Strawberry shortcake Recipe! Anyone who is the slightest bit interested in eating shortcake, had better eat this CAKE!!


Chocolate Greek Yogurt Pancakes

By: Amanda

Light, fluffy, and loaded with chocolate flavor, these Chocolate Greek Yogurt Pancakes make an easy and healthy breakfast

Banana Cheesecake Breakfast Pudding

By: Penny

Delicious & easy! It's the perfect finale to any meal.

Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecakes

By: Jif® Hazelnut

Pretty little cappuccino-hazelnut cheesecakes are dusted with cocoa and topped with a drizzle of mocha-hazelnut.

Strawberry Cupcakes

By: Candice

These cupcakes were so moist and so delicious - flavorful and absolutely real strawberry flavor.

Delicious Chocolate Cupcakes

By: Michelle

An easy chocolate cupcake that will cure any chocolate lover's craving. I find that, instead of using frosting, a bit of chocolate syrup on the top works best!

Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes

By: Lisa S

These were DELICIOUS! Some of the best cupcakes I've ever had.

Coconut Flour Cupcakes

By: Camille

This is a tasty moist cupcake! Absolutely, decadently Delicious!

Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake

By: AussieMum

Really yummy. Easy to make. Moist and dark.

Raspberry Cupcakes

By: William

A delightful favorite with everyone, especially appetizing during the summer months.

Black Bottom Cupcakes

By: Sherima

Made-from-scratch chocolate cupcakes with a great cream cheese surprise!

Easy Cheesecake Cupcakes

By: Sarah

Super! These mini cheesecakes were an immediate hit.

Banana Cupcakes

By: Mari

This recipe is very easy to do, so cheer up and bake! They are easy, delicious, and fun to make!

Lemon Lime Cupcake

By: Emmae

This is one of the hundreds of cupcake recipes that I make homemade for my cupcake business. It's a light lemon and lime cupcake.

Simple Chocolate Cupcake

By: Valerie

I love this recipe baked it quite a lot, These turned out so good!

Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes

By: K. Tansey

Flecked with chopped strawberries and topped with a fresh berry glaze, these naturally pink cupcakes are perfect for any springtime celebration.

Chocolate Mug Cake

By: Safina

I never thought making mug cake is this easy! it's really good!

Banana Split Brownie Cake

By: Gail Parker

This is a great frozen dessert. So pretty and nice that is can be made ahead.

Raspberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake

By: Wendy Barkman

This is a great recipe! It's so pretty too. This is a nice recipe to make for a special occasion.

Caramel and Apple Cake

By: Marilyn Paradis

Delicious cake! Moist and always a hit!