Category: Pizza Recipes

Turkish Pizza

By: Sarah

This recipe is an adaptation of a pizza discovered in a street-side cafe in the Mediterranean coastal city of Antalya.

Mediterranean Cauliflower Pizza

By: Annie

Excellent flavor - everyone loved this, It works well for vegetarian and non-veg friends.

Ultimate Bbq Chicken Pizza

By: Jaime

Excellent recipe!! I made this for supper tonight and it was great!

Barbecue Chicken Pizza

By: Leslie

Fast and yummy pizza that is a real tummy pleaser! This recipe combines leftovers and fresh produce with a few prepackaged items to help you get a healthy and tasty meal on the table in no time.

Vegetable Pizza Squares

By: Kathleen

This recipe is always a big hit! I took them to an appetizer party and they were the only dish to completely disappear!

Easy Thai Chicken Pizza

By: Kimberly

It is simple to make but is full of flavor.

Beef Pepperoni Pizza Chili

By: Jennifer Gelormino

Pizza and chili together, this is very easy and delicious.

Simple Bread Pizza

By: Unknown

Simple and very easy! This can be enjoyed as a evening snack or a party starter.

Eggs and Rocket Pizza

By: Sara Buenfeld

Use seeded tortillas as pizza bases for a quick and healthy lunch - crack an egg in the centre and bake to boost protein intake.

Sausage and Egg Pizza

By: Chef  John

This is a sausage and egg pizza, It is delicious. You may never eat eggs any other way. Try this one.

Grilled Zucchini Pizza


This dish is quick, easy, and delicious! Directions are for charcoal grill, but gas grill or oven would work. Simply a guilt free tasty pizza!!!

Veggie Pizza

By: Merri C

I never have leftovers when I serve this recipe. You can use low-fat or nonfat sour cream for this recipe if you'd like. try it.

Chicken Garlic Pizza

By: Lynn In

Personally, this is the best pizza I ever had. It is very different from the traditional tomato-based, cheese-laden pizza. This is so yummy! the cilantro definitely adds a nice touch.

BBQ Chicken Pizza

By: Nivola

This is an easy - Sure to satisfy everyone. Use any kind of barbeque sauce and it will still be a winner!

Spicy Pepperoni Pizza

By: Valli Little

Turn up the heat! This spicy pepperoni pizza gives an even bigger punch using jalapenos.

Spinach Pine Nut Pizza

By: Chrissy Freer

Tired of boring vegetarian pizzas? Try this combination of gourmet toppings to make your nut buds sing.


Spicy Meat Lovers Pizza with Salad

By: Alison Adams

Spice up your midweek with this pizza - enjoy it with any sauce.

Tandoori Chicken Pizza

By: Cathie Lonnie

Combine Asian and Italian taste with this tandoori chicken pizza recipe.

Tandoori Naan Chicken Pizza

By: Michelle Noerianto

This quick naan bread pizza topped with Chicken and sweet cherry tomatoes mixture, that any pizza lover like most in Pizza.

Simple Tandoori Chicken Pizza

By: Kate Murdoch

Create this simple tandoori chicken pizza at home with this easy recipe that the whole family will love.

Turkish pizza (vegetarian)

By: Valli Little

A healthy delight Pizza, use Turkish bread as the base of this vegetarian-friendly pizza.

Thai Chicken Pizza

By: User1

Make it a gourmet creation by topping your pizza base with delicious Thai chicken.

Vegetarian Pan Pizza

By: Gemma Luongo

Pick a healthy lifestyle for the family, this recipe made low-fat vegetarian pan pizza.

Vegetarian Pizza

By: Emma Braz

Get the kids to love their veggies with this delicious topping Vegetarian pizza.